Stores Ref. No.:10L/9563379
Nato Stock No.:5895-99-956-3379
Attachment:Dzus D5 Panel Line quarter turn fasteners
Connection:602 pattern, 55 way
Installation:A.R.I. 23134/3


The control unit interfaces directly to the transponder unit of the Mk10 IFF (Indication Friend or Foe) / SSR (Secondary Surveillance Radar) system, otherwise known as IFF/SSR 1520.

The purpose of this system is to reply to radar interrogation with a coded number, which identifies the aircraft to the radar operator.

I.F.F/S.S.R. Transponder Control Unit

Inside unit: switches and lashed wiring harness.


Simulation is anticipated to be straightforward as the control units switches all control individual ways of the connector. IFF is modelled within flightgear, aiding multi-player scenarios and air traffic control.


As mentioned above, having the right connector for this unit would make interfacing a lot easier.

The fixed plug on the chassis is a "602 pattern" connector (MIL-C-26482). The contact layout has 55 contacts (size 20).

I.F.F/S.S.R. Transponder Control Unit - 22-55P Connector

Connector needed for interfacing.

It is marked as an 22-55P; the 22 being 22 16ths of an inch in diameter, and the 55 is the contact count, the P means Pins (instead of S for Socket), no further identification letters indicates a normal orientation.

So, I am after a mating free socket, which would be marked 22-55S, of standard orientation.


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