Stores Ref. No.:6A/12668
Connection:UK-AN / MIL-C-5015 14S-5S, 5 way socket

For monitoring external "ram air temperature", or "total air temperature", which can rise under conditions of hot ambient weather, and fast low level flight.

The purpose is to protect the airframe and certain pieces of equipment from overheating. The aircrerw manual linked below gives temperature limitations.

This sensor is directly wired to the ram air temperature indicator to inform the aircrew of the total air temperature.


The internals of the sensor and indicator illustrated, and interconnecting wiring taken from AP101B-1005-10 Sheet 28, A.L.3, Nov. 1981.

Illustration of the skin mounted probe and internal connections, taken from AP112G-0612-1, Chapter 1.


Probe (total temperature sensor), general and technical information:
A.P.112G-0612-1, June 1968 - Probe, (REF. No. 6A/12668)

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T Mk.5 wiring diagrams:
A.P.101B-1005-10 Sheet 130, A.L.3, Nov. 1981 - Miscellaneous Instruments

Total Air Temperature:
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