Stores Ref. No.:6A/5418
Attachment:28S/9993237 | A204/B28 | Screws, No. 6 UNC c'sk


Measurig "ACCELERATION g UNITS", this is a vertical acceleration indicator, showing the "G" pulled during flight.

The image above shows 0G indicated, this is because it was photographed sitting vertically; in normal horizontal orientation the pointer rests at 1G.

This accelerometer originally was placed on panel A1 in the lower left corner (as shown here), however at some point there was a modification to re-locate it to the centre strut of the windscreen, and a blanking plate was fitted over the original hole in panel A1.

This is a purely mechanical device, and on the surface would appear to be one of the simplest of all indicators, however, inside it is a clockwork piece of art.

It measures and records vertical acceleration by means of sprung internal weights acting upon the pointer shaft. There are two additional pointers which record the peak positive and negative G experienced, these pointers are reset by pressing the "PRESS TO SET" button, whereby they hide beneath the main pointer. This button is pressed as part of the pre-flight checks.


Being a mechanical device, my interface will have to result is some form of mechanical actuation, possibly using an RC servo motor to push the inernal weights around.


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