Stores Ref. No.:10L/9455739
NATO Stock No.:5821-99-945-5739
Attachment:Dzus D5 Panel Line quarter turn fasteners
Connection:Cannon KO3-21-30-SN
Installation:A.R.I. 18168/2 (Mod. 4289 for Data Link, PTR-177 T/R Unit)
Systems:VHF/UHF, Intercom and Telebriefing, Violet Picture UHF Homing / A.D.F. & Data link


Control unit for the PTR-175 or PTR-177 VHF / UHF communications radio.

It is capable of UHF / VHF tuning to 50kHz channel spacings either manually or by pre-programmed channel selection, setting modes for "Violet Picture" Automatic Direction Finding (ADF), Data Link (DL) or separate guard receiver (T/R+G).

A hidden switch round the back allows for configuration for use with a PTR-175 T/R unit (additional guard reciever), or PTR-177 T/R unit (data link).

C1607/4 Mode SwitchPTR-175 T/R Unit InstalledPTR-177 T/R Unit Installed
T/RVoice Transmit/ReceiveVoice Transmit/Receive
T/R+GVoice Transmit/Receive
Additional Guard Receive
Voice Transmit/Receive
ADFVoice Transmit/Receive
Automatic Direction Finding ON
Voice Transmit/Receive
Automatic Direction Finding ON
DLN/AData Link Receive
No Voice Transmit/Receive
DL/TN/AData Link Test Facility
No Voice Transmit/Receive


The plan is to pass the selected frequency to Flightgear, then somehow have Flightgear interface with a VOIP client such as Mumble to select 'rooms' / 'channels' according to the frequency selected.

The 50kHz spacings may prove to be slightly difficult in a modern simulator environment with airfields now using 8.33kHz channel spacings. A multiplayer scenario may need airfield frequencies to be set up at 50kHz spacings, or a cheat solution would be to use the preset channel drum to simply indicate to the computer the channel selected, and then have the computer switch to the accociated frequency of the more modern 8.33kHz spacings, meaning not using the manual settings.

As the unit also includes the main radio volume control, this is intended to be used too.




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