TYPE D.8700


Stores Ref. No.:5CZ/8480
Manufacturer P/N:D.8700
Attachment:28D/9138768 | A25/1/2C | Bolt, 2BA, hex head | Qty: 4
Connection:UK-AN / MIL-C-5015, 24-28, 24 way
System:Warning and Emergency Services


This indicator unit is part of the warning and emergency services system. Its key function is to display warnings upon issues or faults occurring, deemed as "critical".

The S.W.P. (Standard Warning Panel) displays illuminated red captions upon a critical event due to an issue or fault arising. When a caption illuminates, the audible warning begins to sound in the aircrew headsets, the attention getter lamps and "C" button on this panel begin to flash. This state is held until the "C" (cancel) button is pressed, acknowledging the event.

S.W.P.Standard Warning PanelCaption windows illuminate red to annunciate a problem
"M"Mute audible warningPull for mute, illuminates when muted
"C"Warning annunciation cancelstops attention getters flashing and audible warning
"T"Indicator lamp testPress to test all lamps, also sets off attention getters and audible warning
"F1"No.1 engine fire warningIndicates fire, and extinguishant release button
"F2"No.2 engine fire warningIndicates fire, and extinguishant release button

The "M" mute button fitted to this unit is provided only for situations such as ground testing of aircraft systems, where the testing would cause the audible warning to sound and be distracting to technicians carrying out the testing. It illuminated red when active, to warn a pilot to cancel the mute (push the button back in) when flying.



The red glass is missing from the window. This piece of glass is marked with the text of the captions.


Button F1 has a tendency to stick once pressed.

S.W.P. F1 and F2 fire warning buttons

S.W.P. F1 and F2 fire warning buttons


This unit mainly consists of switches and lamps, all of which can be connected to without any modification.


This unit is fitted with two UK-AN / MIL-C-5015, 24-28, 24 way fixed plugs. Plug 1 has standard orientation, while plug 2 is in position Z at 280° rotation.

S.W.P. connectors

S.W.P. connectors

I'd really like to find the following UK-AN free unit sockets to connect to this unit, or equivalent MIL-C-5015, or MS-3102 series free unit sockets:

The required connectors are shell size 24 and contact layout 28, and having female contacts are sockets, making a general type of 24-28-S as per this drawing.

UK-AN free unit socket part numbers:

Socket 1: UK-AN-9100-24-28-S
Socket 2: UK-AN-9100-24-28-S-Z

If you think you can help out, please do get in touch.


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